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Calgary Dryer Vent Cleaning

Reduce The Risk Of Fire By Cleaning Your Dryer

In order to maintain your Calgary residential property’s cleanliness and safety, try enlisting the great services of a professional dryer vent cleaning company regularly. What exactly does clean and safe mean? To have a clean dryer means that any dirt build up and debris will be removed. This means that any threat of that debris invading your home will be gone, whether house or apartment. To have debris in the exhaust duct can impact the dryer’s performance and potentially lead to a house fire. To be safe, you can’t place this important job in the hands of an inexperienced dryer duct cleaning contractor. Instead, you should seek help and get an estimate from a Modern PURAIR expert – the market leader in dryer vent cleaning in Calgary.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Fires & Dryer Vent Cleaning In Calgary

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, house fires are more so caused by clogged dryer vents than by chimney fires. These incidents result in an average of 14,000 fires each year. If a dryer doesn’t work, this is typically because the vent is dirty or clogged, and therefore more likely to experience mechanical failure as a result of extreme wear and tear. If you’re looking to maximize your dryer’s life span, be sure to clean the vent every 2 to 3 years. This also helps to reduce your electric bill costs and the potential of your house catching fire.

If you find that your dryer takes significantly longer to dry out your clothes or your home has unusually high levels of humidity contact Calgary’s Modern PURAIR at 403-930-0180.




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