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Calgary Aeroseal Ducting Sealing Services

Developed by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) to Save Money on Energy Costs

Do you keep wondering why your energy bill is much higher than it should be or why it takes so long for your rooms to get warm or cold?

These are issues many residential and commercial buildings have to face, whether they are new or old, and the culprits are the leaks in your vents. Luckily, Modern PURAIR can provide you with an innovative solution to your problems, the Calgary Aeroseal duct sealing method. With Aeroseal duct sealing you can ensure your vents are fully sealed, eliminating leaks and reducing your home’s energy bill.

Developed by the UC Berkeley with funds from the United States Department of Energy, this revolutionary and completely affordable technology will seal all the leaks in your duct system from the inside out, in the shortest amount of time possible. By injecting aerosolized sealing particles into the heating and cooling system, the entire process will be completed in 8 hours at most, in a residential building, without requiring any extra manual patching up of the duct works.

Call us now at 403-930-0180 and improve your home’s comfort with the Calgary Aeroseal duct sealing solution.